Life Insurance, Voluntary Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is one of the forms of financial protection. Among other things, today, without high-quality medical care, a person simply cannot exist.

Medical plans of Logic Planning Group Inc allow clients to receive the best medical care anywhere in the world, including such popular countries of medical business as Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Israel and others. And also, to be treated at home and increase their capital by such a program as accumulative life insurance.

Who should think about life insurance


Cumulative life insurance is included in each personal financial plan.

You should think about health insurance when:

  • You have a family and children who are financially dependent on you.
  • Your monthly income is 150 thousand rubles or more.
  • You agree to make only a small amount of money for health.
  • You want to distribute your finances so that the remaining money can be spent on reasonable investments and purchases.

Modern insurance companies provide such types of services:

  • Cumulative life insurance. Serves for the financial protection of people close to you in the event of your death.
  • Cumulative insurance in case of loss of efficiency. If you suddenly seriously get sick or even get a disability, the insurance company will pay you money.
  • Medical accumulation insurance. Serves to minimize the cost of drugs and surgery.
  • Cumulative property insurance. Serves in case of disappearance or damage to property.

Some idea of ​​insurance can seem somewhat cynical. However, this is not so – accumulative life insurance allows, by making small deductions, in time to receive the necessary financial support. Personal savings can always depreciate or be inadequate. And cumulative life insurance allows you to forget about the financial side of various misfortunes with which we come across.

It is important to learn how to properly manage your risks. Turning to a financial adviser in Logic Planning Group Inc, you get the following:

  • The financial advisor will conduct an analysis of your life and select the insurance program for you according to your expectations.
  • The issues of public health, inheritance, pensions will be competently solved by the financial adviser.
  • All personal remains in full confidentiality, information about the life of the client will not flow into the wrong hands.

Health Insurance


In life, everything happens. You can substitute business partners. The burglar can get into your house and steal your money. By denouncing you can go to jail. But the most valuable thing in life after family and children is health.

You can always earn new money – but health, if it is lost, cannot be returned. In life, it often happens that we do not think about the future and turn a blind eye to tomorrow. And illnesses come suddenly. That is why it is important to strike a balance between current well-being and future prospects.

Medical insurance will make it possible to secure your life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What cannot be allowed to lose? The answer is – health. Healthy, falling, will rise, and the patient will remain lying.
  • If you are not worried about personal health, think about your family and children. They are financially dependent on you. If you fall – they will fall next.
  • How can you keep your business active for many years? Obviously, only in a healthy body does a healthy spirit live.

Global Health Insurance will not give you the lost health but will allow you to survive until you can independently earn money. The programs are effective from the moment of signing the contract and making the first installment. Once the insurance company receives a notice that you have transferred money – you know, your life will now become much more secure. Personal insurance with a good financial adviser will make your life calm and measured.

Cumulative insurance


Do you know what is the main paradox of health insurance? This is the only money contribution, the return of which no one wants. Long-term life insurance useful and effective. The most important world powers support and in every possible way patronize such programs, as they help to live a decent life for people. Signing a savings insurance agreement gives you another advantage.

Let’s say you contributed money on the «health insurance» deposit (in case of illness, the insurance company would take care of money spent on medicines and living in the hospital). And, suppose, the terrible thing happened – you died. Thus, you have not used your money deposits. So, it was all wasted? No! Cumulative insurance allows you to transfer money deposits by inheritance. It is convenient and profitable.