Creating an inheritance

The creation of the inheritance now comes to the forefront of financial planning. For most people who started making money, have their capital, business or real estate, the creation of an inheritance becomes the most important.It is important not only to earn money, but also to inherit his children after his death.

Successful planning


Financial planning helps not only to preserve, but also significantly increase the inheritance, and also correctly distribute it among the heirs, taking into account legal and moral aspects. Helps avoid unpleasant situations, quarrels between heirs and other similar things.

For planning to be successful, you need to make a financial plan for the distribution of property after your death.

When preparing it, you need to consider such important details:

  • To ensure that your children do not have to start everything from scratch, they need to transfer more money and property. Of course, now there are social elevators, but extra money will never interfere. For example, if your child is smart and wants to study at a major university in the capital, there is only one brain – he will need money. Take care of this.
  • Start to save money right now. Even if you are still hesitantly standing on your feet, start saving your wife and children. Do not make big contributions, start to postpone at least several thousand dollars a year. After your death, your loved ones will receive several hundred thousand dollars.
  • It is important to take care of your debts. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation obliges the next of kin to pay off their parents’ debts (Article 1175 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). Therefore, when issuing a loan, you must carefully read the text of the contract. There are loans to bypass Article 1175, but they are much more expensive. However, you will agree – it is better to pay a little more than to transfer the financial burden to your children and wife after death.

How to leave the inheritance right?


According to Russian laws, it is possible to formalize the inheritance in the usual way only after six months. And for these 6 months your children will have to live on something. Plus, your funeral is organized. Therefore, make a will so that after your death, relatives receive money immediately.

Problems will also arise on the basis of real estate. Say, if you leave the inheritance in the form of a large house – your relatives will begin to quarrel, dividing it. When the negotiations are at an impasse, the way out will be found – to sell the house. But even the sale can be a great quarrel with relatives. Therefore, indicate in the will, to whom and what you leave. Let them hate you, than each other.

Laws in Russia are extremely discriminatory in relation to property. If you have any distant good acquaintances who are not your blood relatives, it will be very difficult for them to transfer part of the money even to a will. To avoid this, you need to correctly compile a will and take into account all the subtleties.

If you are doing business, you should think about creating a fund. Your business employee can be a good person, but after your death, he is unlikely to want to share your business share with your son. The way out of this situation is to create a fund.

It would also be nice to create or join a housing fund. In many families, most of the money comes from a father. If you suddenly die, your family may not have enough money to support housing. Making small contributions to the housing fund solves this problem.

Specialists from Logic Planning Group Inc will help you not only to create your capital, but also to use it competently after the end of your life.