молодые люди

Invitation for cooperation

We, the Logic Planning Group (LPG), conduct selection of candidates for the training of the profession «Independent Financial Adviser» (NSF). A financial advisor (consultant) is a profession that is taught by international financial planners, including Joseph Lazerson himself.

We recruit a group of 15 people. You can find the date of the start of the nearest flow here.

Who we see in the profession Independent Financial Consultant
young people

молодые люди

This profession is ideal for you if:

  1. Your age is 25 years and older.
  2. Your experience in hiring for more than 5 yearsor you have the experience of successful business from 4 years. Management experience is welcomed.
  3. Your financial reserve is sufficient for a comfortable stay of at least 4-5 months. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in mastering the profession of the NSF, and you will be able to achieve serious results already in the learning process (in the first 3-5 months). From practice: 87% of the students of the course, who in the learning process are 100% immersed in the development of the profession, clients appear in the first 3 months since the beginning of the training.
  4. You have the desire and ability to invest in your education (training).
  5. You have a higher education. An additional advantage for getting into the group for training will be the availability of financial or legal education.
  6. Also, current financial advisers are invited – a special program for current financial advisers on upgrading qualifications is offered on the course.


We see in the team of Russian-speaking people from such countries as: Russia (From the Far East to Kaliningrad), the CIS, the Baltic States, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Format of training

Training takes place remotely online.

Duration of training: 3 months.

For each participant, personal feedback is provided, and a highly effective group training format is also built into the course. 90% of training is practice.

Schedule: 3 webinars lasting 1-1.5 hours per week and personal meetings for everyone. One of the weekly webinars is held in the format of a question-and-answer discussion.

You will gain knowledge in all areas in the profession!

Short course program

  1. Financial services: preparation of personal financial plan, life insurance, voluntary medical insurance, long-term investments, disability insurance.
  2. Methods and strategies for the preparation of investment portfolios: how to choose the most effective investment programs.
  3. How to conduct consultations?
  4. How to organize the workflow, how to plan time: day, week and month. How to continuously develop in a personal and professional sense?
  5. Effective communication skills.
  6. Fundamentals of drawing up personal financial plans and algorithms for creating personal financial solutions for clients.
  7. Technique of working with clients “sales without sales.”
  8. 10 basic methods of finding customers: you can choose the most suitable for you.
  9. How to prove yourself in the market? How to create a “professional name” that will work for you?
  10. Document flow: how to properly sign statements, compose packages of documents, open accounts and programs for clients, how to do annual reports for customers.
  11. Pitfalls in the profession and how to get around them? The main problems of many financial consultants are that they are trained to sell products. They act in this manner, use the seller’s approaches and are disappointed in the profession. In fact, the problem is that this approach is not relevant – for the customer in the priority of value.

And we will teach you to work so that you will definitely succeed in the profession!

What will you receive?

люди за столом

  1. You can competently advise. We train to advise through the prism of the goals, values, dreams and interests of the client. With this approach, people become clients themselves, they do not have the feeling that they have been sold something, and this is very important in a world where everyone is tired and even afraid of sales. With this approach, people make their own choice! And this is the main advantage and guarantee of a successful career. You do not have to cope with the fear of sales, because we do not force or teach you to sell, we teach how to properly advise a person so that he can determine his goals, dreams and choose the most optimal ways to achieve them. You help a person see the true goals and needs, realizing that a person becomes your client and friend for many years.
  2. You will be happy to recommend. With this approach, you will be worthy of recommendation. Our consultants receive recommendations from their clients and acquaintances, without doing any effort – customers do it with pleasure on their own initiative.
  3. Customers will come by themselves.
  • You will be able to reach target groups of clients, as we teach different ways of searching for clients, and you choose and develop the one that suits you.
  • We teach this approach to work, in which the value of the financial adviser is very high. Gradually you will become popular: people will address to you.

Why you need to learn from us?

The training is conducted by the LPG team and personally by Joseph Lazerson.

  1. Huge experience in financial consulting: more than 25 years.
  2. High ethical standards.
  3. Quality education for the NSF in Russian in the Russian Federation and the CIS. Naked facts: over the past 15 years, 500 successful NSF have been trained.
  4. Career opportunities. We are ready to offer you the biggest income prospects for you as for the NSF.
  5. Travel and conferences at the international level.
  6. Direct access to large international companies and financial services from them.
  7. Qualitative training in financial services: what tools exist and how to apply them to solve a variety of financial problems.
  8. A special program for acting financial advisers
  9. Service and full support after training.
  10. Ability to work in our team. After completing the training, you will become a part of our professional successful team.

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