Business Planning

Most businesses repeat the same priority financial tasks, in particular, attracting and retaining leading specialists, creating corporate pension plans, finding a exit strategy when a businessman leaves the business, problems related to the transfer of business by inheritance or the transfer of his relay race the next generation. All these tasks are solved by financial planning for business (financial consulting).

Financial issues in business are quite complex and are becoming more and more relevant as economic relations develop.

Logic Planning Group Inc has extensive experience working with business owners and finding in each case the most appropriate financial solution, taking into account the specific business and its position. In addition, we offer corporate medical programs of international level.

What is financial consulting?


In general, financial consulting is a complex of consulting services, such as competent financial protection of business, optimization of asset management of the enterprise, finding sources of financing, increasing profitability.

Now consulting is defined not so much as consulting, but rather as a wide range of intellectual services.