Retirement savings

Pension planning is one of the most important aspects of the whole area of ​​financial planning, because life after work or a life in retirement awaits us all. Life expectancy has been increasing in recent years, which means that more and more people are thinking about how to raise their pensions. That is, to create more solid savings so that money does not end at an older age.

Modern generations of people do not want to beg, after they retire or retire. This requires money and sources of income, which will ensure this person’s desire. Many people want to travel or do things they love, etc. But, unfortunately, not all of this is obtained.

According to statistics, only a small percentage of people on retirement is financially secured. Our programs help people create pension funds that are guaranteed to provide them forever.

Methods for increasing the pension income


Imagine a picture of almost every inhabitant of our earth. A person works more than 10 and even 12 hours a day, instead of the allowed 8 hours. This continues until the person himself is 45-50 years old, when there is a strong fatigue and there is a great desire to move away from work. How to raise a pension after reaching the appropriate age?

Since retirement for almost every Russian is not a reason for joy, but rather a disappointment, before you leave work, you need to create personal capital. Age is not a guarantee that it’s time to leave work and retire, as the current standard of living is incommensurable with pension accruals.

When a person has worked actively all his life, then after retiring to a well-deserved rest his income drops to a minimum, therefore it is important to know the way of creating personal capital in order to increase the size of a pension.

Features of the creation of capital

That after retirement the amount of your income did not decrease, it is necessary to take care of your near future already today.

Let’s say that your salary is 4000 dollars, but at the same time you work 12 hours a day. Of these 4000 dollars, you need to postpone every month for 500-1000 dollars. If, however, this money is also increased, putting in a long-term financial instrument, the amount will surprise everyone at all.

After retirement, having personal capital you can afford:

  • free travel around the world 2 times a year;
  • be able to attend paid clinics with quality service;
  • buy yourself a country house or even move to live abroad.

Retirement age: how to live after retirement



Some people after retirement are engaged in their favorite business, the latter – devote themselves to travel, others – acquire new housing and move to live abroad. What does this show? What do people in Western countries have a pension that is several times higher than a penny in Russia? Foreign authorities are not at all eager to make large pension payments for their people, so a person can rely solely on himself.

Pension planning or the creation of personal capital is the solution to the problem of low state pensions. The basic principles for solving this problem have long been adopted in European countries and are gradually moving to our country, so that we can increase the accumulation even at the stage of active work capacity.

Retirement planning: what is it?

Pension planning is a technique by which you can expect a decent life after retirement. Worthy life means not dedicating yourself to a job at 60 years of age but living the way you want without unnecessary thoughts about a small pension.

Pension planning provides an important point: to create personal capital, you need to take care of it in advance, even 10-30 years before retirement.

One way to increase the profit margin in the future is to make monthly contributions to your insurance contract or investment plan. This is the most common way to increase the amount of accumulation in the future.

What will be the amount of capital after retirement?


We learned how to increase savings without effort, but how much can you expect after retirement under the pension planning program? The advantage of the program in question is the fact that everyone can now form their savings and distribute them so that it does not negatively affect the level of well-being. The less a person will put off today, the lower will be the amount of his capital in the future.

Depending on how quickly you dare to allocate the amount for capital and how much, your retirement future will depend.

In addition, it is important to take into account also those indicators that affect the size of future capital:

  • the age at which retirement will take place;
  • the average inflation rate of the selected currency;
  • the level of requests that a person will need.

Thanks to pension planning, you can increase your income in the future and meet your old age with dignity.

Pension plan and its features

Pension planning is divided into two stages, which are characterized by the following actions:

  1. Stage of accumulation of capital. At this stage, deposits of money in various amounts are deposited on your personal account in an insurance policy or in a pension long-term plan. For 15-30 years even the most insignificant accumulations turn into significant capital. Therefore, the earlier the account is opened, and money will come to it, the greater the amount of capital can be expected in old age.
  2. The refund of the amount. During this stage, either the full payment of the entire accumulated amount is made, or the accumulation is paid in any acceptable amount in the form of a monthly guaranteed rent up to 121 years of life.

Such a system works, and works reliably and effectively, as people from Western countries have become convinced. You can also learn more about international programs in more detail if you seek advice from our company.