Education of children

It is statistically known that people with higher education earn significantly more than those who have no higher education. Higher education in the post-Soviet countries has traditionally been considered very important for most people, so parents want their children to get a good education. And every year more and more those who would like to give their children higher education abroad.

Logic Planning Group Inc develops special financial programs that help, using an individual approach, to find a financial solution to the task for each specific family.

Education abroad is more affordable than you think


Higher education abroad for your children is a reality. It is possible to accumulate the necessary amount for 5-6 years, but it is much easier for 10-15 years before the start of training. and investments will pay off just a few months after the child graduates from the university. Universities abroad provide graduates with not only practice-oriented knowledge, but also work.

How to save money without getting into debt and loans

Pay for foreign studies really without credit, debts and infringement of the interests of the family. Just follow the simple rules:

  • think about choosing a university, when the child graduates from primary school, do not put this problem on the eleventh grade;
  • to accumulate the necessary amount will be possible with monthly investments: postpone each month a certain minimum of money;
  • put a taboo on these funds: never, under any circumstances, do not occupy yourself, promising to return a little later is a fatal mistake;
  • put money not on a static account in the bank, but at interest for a certain number of years.

Many universities allow you to pay for studies not immediately, but in installments: make payments monthly, for six months or just a year. Abroad, they are loyal to financial difficulties: if you do not have enough money, the university administration will go into position and develop an individual program for you.

Children after the first year of education can help their parents and partially cover the costs of training: university practices are paid, and students are willingly taken to work in cafes, restaurants and offices.

Which university to choose?


You need to proceed from two parameters: cost and training programs. Foreign education, obtained not in the world centers, but in the province, is still much higher than the domestic one.

Top universities that will provide for your children a comfortable future:

  • Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and Princeton are the undisputed leaders. Here the elite learns. Out of these universities are scientists and specialists with world names.
  • London School of Economics and the University of California – the prestige of these institutions is slightly less than the above, and the cost of training is much lower.
  • Universities in Japan, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany and Singapore – in these countries there are higher schools and universities that can give students practical knowledge and work after training on favorable terms.

The price of education abroad depends on how many years the child will study. To begin, in any case, it is necessary from reception of a degree of the bachelor (it is 4 years). Further, if there is a desire to achieve more, you can go to the master (2 more years). During the training, masters already work according to the profile obtained in the bachelor’s degree, therefore, they practically do not need financial support from their parents. After a master’s degree, a Ph.D. degree (plus 3 years) is almost the height of career and personal growth.

How to start saving?


Calculate the time needed to accumulate for a full course of study, will help financial advisers. They actively cooperate with their Western counterparts, so they know the pitfalls that you may find quite accidentally (for example, inflation or an unexpected increase in prices for education, which you will not learn until the moment of X).

You can pay for studies abroad in case of an average income if you follow the program on accumulation of funds. The program must be adjusted to its capabilities – and experts can do it.

Start saving now – and investments will not affect the state of your budget.