Company Features

In fact, the work of the Logic Planning Group is both a consulting and brokerage company.

Consulting means that more than a thousand financial advisors have been trained during the entire time of the Logic Planning Group; brokerage – means is the intermediary between the insurer and the insurer.

Logic Planning Group was created in due time with the purpose of “the consulting center” for the countries of the former USSR and the countries of the Eastern Europe. In these countries there was and is a great need for financial planning services, because the vast majority of people are financially illiterate and, through ignorance, they lose what they could have.

Особенности LPG

Who we are today

  1. More than 5 thousand customers in the countries of the former USSR, Europe and Eastern Europe.
  2. In these countries, hundreds of financial advisers-representatives works.
  3. Over 4 thousand people attended the seminars as clients.
  4. We work with more than 20 providers
  5. We advise clients on more than 100 different financial instruments and financial plans.
  6. For more than 10 years, more than 1000 financial advisers in Russia and CIS countries have been trained.
  7. Most of the leading financial advisors in Russia and the CIS were trained in LPG
  8. Most Russian and CIS consulting companies in personal finance work with us as partners, because we are the general broker for many financial services. Those. most work with us and gain access through us to many financial instruments.

Люди довольны работой LPG

Consultations Logic Planning Group was saved from the financial collapse of a huge number of people, families who purchased life insurance and received from insurance companies the amount that replaced lost income.

We are one of the main suppliers of financial services in the Russian-speaking market in the world.
With this money, they are comfortable today and fulfill their financial goals, such as the education of children, ensuring old age, maintaining the level of social status, paying mortgages, etc.

By the way, if not payments from insurance companies, then people would inherit only debts.