Mission Logic Planning Group

Logic Planning Group Inc is a recognized leader in developing solutions for creating specialized financial plans for ordinary people, families, and developing solutions for special benefits for business owners and top managers.

Деловой человек

For many years Logic Planning Group has been working to create innovative financial plans for the development of individual solutions using insurance programs, investment plans and a wide range of other financial instruments.

By using highly competitive insurance products in combination with investment and other products, Logic Planning Group develops and implements a variety of projects to meet the needs for planning, creating, expanding and preserving the assets of private customers and businesses.

Logic Planning Group consultants always use an individual approach to solving the set tasks in order to achieve the goals of each specific client.

In the process of financial analysis, we find out the financial situation of a particular person, family or business, determine financial tasks, allocate priority goals from them, and only after that we select specific financial decisions.

Using the integrated financial planning method, Logic Planning Group consultants find the optimal solution in each specific situation. From all the variety of financial instruments, we select the most suitable.

Our consultants are well trained and continue to constantly raise their level. We participate in numerous lectures and seminars of international level (both in Russia and abroad) in order to be constantly up to date with the latest trends and inventions in the field of financial planning.

Logic Planning Group for the years of its work has a huge number of grateful customers in Russia and around the world, and their number is constantly growing.

The tasks, in the solution of which our consultants help clients

  • Creation, preservation and protection of capital
  • Creation of reserve funds
  • Financial provision of the family in unforeseen situations
  • Creation of funds for education
  • Retirement planning
  • Creation, increase and transfer of inheritance
  • Partnership agreements for purchase and sale
  • Attraction and retention of leading specialists and top managers
  • Strategies for getting out of business and passing the relay race
  • Corporate Pension Programs
  • International Health Insurance Programs

Principles of Logic Planning Group


  1. A consulting company is not an insurance company and is not a financial company, that accepts any money from people.
  2. We create financial plans either verbally or in writing at the request of the client. Then the person draws the appropriate conclusions and takes appropriate economic actions: an electronic portfolio, acquires life insurance or other types of insurance, creates pension funds, programs for the education of children in Russian or foreign companies.
  3. Consultant Logic Planning Group works for itself and represents only itself.His consultations can be paid or free of charge. He tells financial products not for the purpose of selling, but for the purpose of consulting. Does not sell or offer the client specific financial products, does not handle collection activities and does not accept money from customers.
  4. We are only consultants, and we tell you what is on the financial services market and what would suit you. What to buy and in what company – you decide. Naturally, we will help fill out applications, documents and so on, but the choice is yours.